Wambach, Harris, Huffman road trip hits Austin

Abby Wambach is on the road from Houston to Austin this morning. She’s actually on a vacation road trip with friends Ashlyn Harris and Sarah Huffman which began in Florida and went through New Orleans. They are traveling in a huge RV. They spent last night in Houston and are heading to Austin this morning.

Abby tweeted the following this morning:   (from @AbbyWambach)If you go check the responses to her question on Twitter and then pick the right barbecue spot, heck, you’ll probably see her.

Turns out they ate lunch at Stubbs today and enjoyed it. Former UNC goalkeeper @Ashlyn_Harris is in the group and sent out this tweet.  … ps. That’s exactly right, Ashlyn. Keep Austin Weird!

Also in the group is former Cavalier, Sarah Huffman, who goes by @shuffman_dc on Twitter.

Former Cav, Sarah Huffman, and former Tar Heel, Ashlyn Harris, get into the swing of things in Austin

• Someone made an hilarious GIF file of the girls on their trip. Click here to view it. It takes a moment to load.

• Pulling out of Houston this morning, @Ashlyn_Harris wrote this:Videos from Monday night in New Orleans
Here are some of the videos of them having fun in New Orleans on Monday night
•  http://www.tout.com/m/37imfv
•  http://www.tout.com/m/px78al

Abby Wambach, Ashlyn Harris, and Sarah Huffman having a blast in New Orleans on Monday night..


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