AWK gives readers a breakdown of Texas Soccer

I think I might’ve introduced a few Longhorn readers to, which is home to the college reporter, Chris Henderson. Chris has reviewed pretty much all of the women’s soccer teams in all of the NCAA Division I conferences. (For an index of this writing, please see this post.)

On Friday, Chris released his Big 12 review, which includes a good portion on Texas.

It is very comprehensive. I wish I could give you a link directly to the section on Texas, but the only way to get to the part on the Horns is just scroll all the way down to the middle of the article.

To find Texas,  just look for the word Texas in bold halfway down the article. It appears after the sections on Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma. Once there, you’ll find about a 3,000 word review of the current state of affairs of Texas Soccer.


•  Texas has lagged far behind state rivals Texas A&M in the world of college soccer to this point and has even found itself fighting for headlines against conference rivals such as Oklahoma State and Oklahoma.

Read the full article here.


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