GAME REPORT: Texas falls to Kansas in Double Overtime

After coming all the way back from two goals down to equalize, the Texas Longhorns eventually fell to the Jayhawks in double overtime in a hard fought game that ended in  darkness. Goals for Texas were scored by Alexa Gaul and Kristin Cummins. Alexa’s goal came at 62:46 on a penalty kick for Texas after Kansas committed a hand ball foul in their own box. Kristin Cummins’ goal came at 76:16 and resulted from Kristin’s shot off a rebound from a save by the Jayhawks goalkeeper.


Photo of pre-game warmup at University of Kansas (click on photo to make larger)


In the first 30 minutes of the game, Texas got off six shots, two of which were on goal. Kansas had one shot in the first thirty minutes. It was on goal and saved by Alexa Gaul. Kansas’ second shot of the game was a solid strike by Liana Salazar in the 34th minute from 25 yards out. It flew top shelf over a leaping Alexa Gaul and went in.

Before the half ended, Hannah Higgins took two more shots for Texas which went wide. The total tally of shots in the first half was 8 for Texas and 2 for Kansas.

In the second half, Ingrid Vidal got a second goal for Kansas on a shot from just 8 yards out in the 57th minute.

Moments later, Kansas got caught with a hand ball foul in their own box and a penalty kick was awarded to Texas. Alexa Gaul came out of goal to take the kick for Texas and she scored.

In the 77th minute Kristin Cummins equalized for Texas when she took a shot off a rebounded save from the Jayhawks goalkeeper. The original shot came from a Lucy Keith header. Lucy was awarded the assist.

A flurry of Texas shots ensued in the closing minutes of regulation, but a game winner just wouldn’t go it. Regulation ended in a 2-2 tie.

In the first overtime Texas and Kansas traded shots with nothing going in. In the first 20 seconds of OT Lexi Harris had a shot but it went high. Whitney Berry for Kansas had a shot but it was blocked. Taylor Knaack had a shot. It too was blocked. Whitney Berry took a second shot. It was saved by Alexa Gaul.

Five minutes into the second overtime, Caroline Kastor of the Jayhawks got off a header from five yards out which won the game for Kansas.

Injury notes: Julie Arnold sprained her ankle in the game and will miss the Missouri game on Sunday. Also, Amanda Lisberger is under the weather and may miss the Missouri game. Kylie Doniak did not travel with the team and is rehabbing her knee back in Austin.


[The University of Kansas wanted to charge us to use their photographs. This was the first time I’d ever run into this as a collegiate reporter. I also checked with the editors of Our Game Magazine, and this was the first time they’d ever heard of this either. Due to the Kansas policy, I am unable to publish any of their photographs. However, if you’d like to see photos that were taken by the Kansas photographer, they are here.]


By The Numbers:  .. The weather was 70 degrees, quite a bit cooler than the usual 100 back in Austin. Playing times were normalized. Total playing time was 105 minutes.

Running Forever (mids and forwards):  Brooke Gilbert (105 minutes on the field),  Hannah Higgins (101 minutes), Kristin Cummins (97 minutes), Vanessa Ibewuike (97 minutes).

Ironwomen  (defenders): Amanda Lisberger (for playing 73 minutes after throwing up all night before the game with a stomach bug), Lucy Keith (105 minutes), Nina Frausing Pedersen (105 minutes), Julie Arnold (101 minutes)

In goal: Alexa Gaul, 4 saves  (105 minutes in goal)

Other starter minutes:
Lexi Harris, 91 minutes
Taylor Knaack, 75 minutes

Sub player minutes:
Gabby Zarnegar, 35 minutes
Whitney Jaynes, 32 minutes
Allison Smith, 22 minutes
Stacey-Ann Smith, 8 minutes
Leah Payne, 4 minutes

Texas shots: 8 in first half, 11 in second half, 2 first OT, 0 second OT (Total: 21 shots)
12 of the 21 Texas shots were on goal, with 2 going in.
Shots on goal percentage: 57%

Kansas shots: 2 in first half, 5 in second half, 3 first OT, 1 second OT (Total: 11 shots)
7 of the 11 Iowa State shots were on goal, with 3 going in
Shots on goal percentage: 64%

• Corner kicks: Texas 5, Kansas 2


Number of sub players with 10 minutes or more:
Texas 3, Kansas 2

Subs numbers
Shots by subs: Texas 1, Kansas 1
Goals by subs:  Texas 0, Kansas 1 (OT winner)


Fouls: Texas 13, Kansas 15
Yellow Cards: Texas 2, Kansas 2

Attendance: 516


Locker room pre-game (photo courtesy of Vanessa Ibewuike)
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