Postgame interviews with Petrucelli and Guerrieri after the Texas A&M game

Post-game interview with Chris Petrucelli

Q: General thoughts on the game.

Petrucelli: You know, they probably deserved to win. We were a little unlucky. A couple of the goals were maybe by accident. And we didn’t take the chances when we had them. We had a couple of chances there when we were down two nil and didn’t put them away and the game could have changed at that point but in the end they probably deserved to win the game.

Q: There was a period there for say about 15 to 20 minutes when Texas was putting on a lot of pressure in the second half. What was going on there in that 20 minutes that wasn’t going on in the rest of the game?

Petrucelli: Yeah, it was interesting. Right before that point I said we just need a spark, we looked a little lethargic. And we got a spark when Kylie hit the ball off the post and then all of a sudden we started to feel like, okay, maybe we can do this. And we created a couple of other chances, but we didn’t put one away. I think one would have made a difference. One would have changed the complexion of the game. But we weren’t able to put it away when we had the chance.

Q: Did Kylie specifically request to start this game i.e. because of her senior year or was there a discussion about that?

Petrucelli: No, Kylie has worked real hard and we thought she’s our best option there. On Sunday night I sent her a text message that said hey are you ready to step back in the lineup and she said yeah. I thought she was mad at me when I took her out in the first half. I just didn’t feel like she should play ninety minutes. But no, she did well, she did quite well.

Q: Are you expecting Kylie to be available for starting when you get to San Antonio?

Petrucelli: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Any thoughts about Merritt Mathias (starter for Texas A&M) and her performance tonight?

Petrucelli: Merritt’s good. You know, she’s dangerous, she’s feisty. I told her after the game that she’s way too tough to wear that pink thing in her hair (laughter). You know, Merritt’s been a good player for a long time, since she was a youth player, and her days in the National Team program. She’s certainly doing very well right now.


Post-game interview with Texas A&M Head Coach G Guerrieri

Q: What were your thoughts on Merritt Mathias’ performance tonight?

Guerrieri: This was just another Merritt performance. She brings a great level of intensity to the game when she’s in. You can tell how much she loves the game and how important it is to her. She tries to make every moment count. Sometimes she tries to do too much in those moments. Tonight I thought she did good. She helped us keep possession. When we needed to, she was very dangerous. The goal she scored was world class. To be able to hit that ball with the outside of the foot and bend that in to the back post is super. Those usually don’t go in so good for her in her one and only time to come here to Austin that she gets that opportunity and scores the goal.

Q: In the first half it looked like Merritt was playing both at the forward position and the midfielder position.

Guerrieri: In the first half we played her as a shadow forward, what we call shadow forward. She played in the shadow of our two strikers ahead. And in the second half, we played her as a winger. She’s one of those kids, we think that at the next level, we think that we’re helping to prepare her developmentally that she can play anywhere in the midfield, she can play anywhere across the front line or wide. And she’s one of those kids who’s only gotten better and better as the time’s gone on.

Q: How great was it for you to have Bri Young score to get you into the half up 1-0?

Guerrieri: Yeah, it’s neat too because Bri scored a lot of those goals for us last year. She was All-American last year and she went down in the Big 12 Tournament with a knee injury and it took her about eight months to really come back. So she’s only just in the last three weeks has started to come back. So now that she’s able to step on, it’s a nice luxury that we have to be able to bring an All-American in off the bench and our game goes up when she’s able to step up confidently and hit those bombs, we know that she’s starting to feel like Bri Young.

Q: Can you talk about the playing minutes for Merritt Matthias and your other starters?

Guerrieri: Once we were up 2-0, I was able to start taking out a lot of our players. We brought her back in just at the end and when she scored it was like okay, and I told her on the sideline I’m going to go ahead and bring you out. So you know, once we were comfortably up then we were going to start taking people out and protecting people, so we took Monogue out. She’s a big time game player. Annie Kunz who took a little nick against Oklahoma State, we brought her out. We brought Beth West out, so we were ble to empty the bench and get a lot of people in at the end of the game.


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