The Searchers

There’s a lot of speculation going around about who the next head coach of Texas Soccer might be. But really what’s the point in getting into it? We’ll all find out when we find out. The announcement will come from Chris Plonsky in the Texas Athletics Department.

If I were to make a guess on a time frame, I’d imagine we’re not going to hear anything until after Christmas. The general timeline brought up at the mandatory team meeting on December 3rd was “two to three weeks”. Two weeks would be December 17th. Three weeks would be December 24th.

Maybe we hear before Christmas, but ultimately who knows. I’ve been told the search is well underway but hard to read an announcement date into that.

ps. Here is the job posting:

Some folks have said it’s essential that we have a new coach right away. Really? Why? Are our potential recruits going to walk away from Texas during the holidays? Doubtful. Yes, I do imagine it’s important to have someone out there recruiting all the time, but let’s give Chris Plonsky lots of space to find the right coach for Texas. The Longhorns have only had two coaches in the 18 year history of Texas Soccer. Our most recent coach had a tenure of 13 years. Clearly picking a soccer coach is a pretty sticky decision. Whoever the next one is, he or she will be with us for a good while. Probably not that important to jump into ten plus year relationship in order to have someone out there recruiting over the holidays. … Have you got your holiday shopping done? I still have a ways to go, but I’m giving my parents a copy of the The Searchers.


To take your mind off the coaching search, here’s some trivia from the movie
The Searchers

• Released in 1956, The Searchers was a western directed by the great John Ford. It was set in the time of the Texas Indian Wars and starred John Wayne.

• Wayne’s favorite role of all time was playing the character Ethan Edwards. He liked the character so much he named his third son Ethan.

• In the climactic scene, John Wayne and Natalie Wood run up the side of a hill in Monument Valley, Utah. They come down the other side of the hill in the Bronson Canyon area of Griffith Park, Los Angeles. (from


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